A recent networking meeting had me wondering if clients are made to feel important. I asked who was made to feel less important than the person sitting next to them. Naturally, no one was prepare to answer and I was met with silence. I made reference to an Emergency Room, and said if a man walked in after you and had a bone sticking out where it shouldn’t be, then it would be understandable if he was more important and if you had to wait.

But… when it comes to service delivery it shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t be left waiting for days, with no communication from your Graphic Designer, with regards to your project.

At Wikid Design we understand how important YOUR project is to YOU!

So if it’s your child’s birthday invitation….

Or… your company’s Annual Report

we can assure you that your projects will be met with the same level of respect, enthusiasm and dedication needed to give you an amazing outcome.

So if you have ever been made to feel less important, get in touch with Wikid Design, where all our clients are treated as VIP