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Creativity and strategy come together to build standout digital brands.

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Do you battle to get consumers to trust your brand? Have you ever judged a brand by its logo, before digging deeper. We know we have. That is why we make it our mission to create a unique look for your brand.

While today’s customers are ‘picky’, they still gravitate toward brands that look, speak, and act authentically. You have landed on the page of the best agency to create a master piece. Something that speaks and acts on behalf of your brand guidelines and goals.

At Wikid, we know it what takes for brands, both print and digital to succeed. With an eye for storytelling and a passion for strategy, our team helps companies stand out through creative direction, killer content and bit of soul-searching too.


It’s okay to get anyone to do your brand enhancement. But should you? Your brand is best in the hands of an agency that is:

Story-focused. Everyone loves a story, what story does your brand tell. Are there unique symbols and colours that can tell it on your behalf?

Always strategic. Your branding partners shouldn’t let emotions come between a good strategy. They should be able to advise you if they feel your story doesn’t match you brand. Honesty is the best policy.

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Research and experience guide our creativity with our approach to brand design.


Our research starts with you
An interview with you and your team will guide us in the right direction with regards to your vision, mission and end goal. With these key elements we continue into our secondary research, digging deeper into your target market, competitors and trends. Doing this to give you a competitive advantage.


What does your brand say?
Did you know that your brand speaks on a sub conscience level? Icons, symbols and colour all have their own voice. At Wikid, we like to have fun with them, getting them to tell your story on your behalf. Each brand is unique in its story and its approach to your market. Get your voice out there.


To look good is to feel good
When your brand is professional you feel professional. When its unique, you feel one of a kind. And that’s our goal, each client is unique and we want to keep it that way with your brand.
With every brand revamp we provide a look and feel that is consistent across all your stationery. Consistency aids authenticity, by keeping your brand consistent you create brand recognition – this allows the general public and your target to easily find you.


Bringing it all together
As a full-service digital agency, Wikid is ready to get your brand in front of your customers with our recommended channels. With our research into your target marget we can easily tell you where you brand is better suited for marketing purposes, saving you time and money to get you the best return on investment possible. .