I’ll be dammed, there is actually a way to effectively get your website to receive quality leads, who would have known… Well I sure hope I do; I am a web developer after all. No, but on a serious note I would like to share with you on how to make it possible. We’ve gathered some simple yet effective tips to get your website lead ready.

An example of a lead generated site we’ve developed- www.awnings.co.za 

1. Visuals

What is probably one of the most important things besides having a working website? Uhm… visuals of course. You don’t need all of those fancy graphics and visuals created specifically for the use. I mean, don’t get me wrong, custom imagery and icons is very effective, but everyone can’t whip up a terrific design using photoshop. ‘What am I, Picasso?’  You simply need to use imagery that fits your industry.

Let’s say you want an image for your ‘car insurance’ page, you just go and google some images and *poof*; magic, it changes so much already. Also make sure of the image quality, none of these “blurry, squeeze your eyes to make out that it’s a dog;” type of ones.

2. Colour

The second thing that is quite important, is using the correct color for your site. You can have good imagery and a nice layout, but damn man! You decided to put in a bright yellow for insurance, hell no! So why wouldn’t the yellow work, it’s because it will create anxiety and stress. Do you think that a lead will be generated? Nope. Not at all, that is why you use the correct colors. If you want to know more about color psychology in the online market, then visit our how colour psychology affects buying decisions?’ blog.

3. Trends

There is one more thing I want to mention before we go on to big foot… I mean the great and emphases ‘call to action.’ Trends, jip this was what I wanted to mention. It is important to follow trends, it is always a good idea to see how your competitor’s website is looking and follow something along it. The 2019/2020 trend for web designs are modern and simplified, so no 1960 designs and using less over the top graphics. This is due to the fact that industries want their websites to load faster, because no-one is going to wait around, even if it is an incredible site

4. Call to actions

Right then, I hope you are comfortable, and ready for the real deal. Talking different ‘call to action’ options. Yes, that is correct, buttons aren’t the only CTA options you get, there is tons more, but I’ll list the most effective ones for you.

  1. The button, jip, using the right text, color and layout you will be sure to get in a good number of leads. There is really a lot of different styles to create these cta, I would advice that you go and search a few ideas.
  2. Contact forms, yes; having a contact form on the home page’s banner is a great way to generate leads, it is really effective anywhere on a site, but it depends of the placement and layout.

3. Icon/image usage, if you are looking for a more visual way you can choose this option.  This, though is a bit more harder work, just because you will have to make people understand that they need to click it and not think it is just there for visuals. This one can definitely be a hit and miss.

Well, with that said, I hope you enjoyed the blog and found it informative. I do suggest that if you don’t have any design experience, it is important to rather get a professional like us for instance to create an effective working website for your company. After all, online marketing is the future of marketing, and you don’t want to make jelly out of  it.

Till then have a Wikid crazy experience.