The only Covid-19 free business environment – Online marketing and selling is virus free.

I’m going to be honest. It is scary to think that the entire country is in a lockdown, and for most businesses it’s impossible to do work from home. I’ll also be honest and say that most businesses will falter at the end of the quarantine lockdown, it is very scary for everyone, if you are a business owner or an employee, this will affect you. But we need to keep pushing through, be positive and use the online world to our advantage.

Why is it a great time to market online?

Yes, it is true, we can’t drive anywhere to do site work, selling products from a retail store etc., but we can still use the online world to market your business. As we often advice our clients, they shouldn’t pause or stop marketing themselves, on the contrary this lockdown period is the best time to focus on your online market. This is the time where everyone is going to spend twice as much time on social media, google etc.

We have put together some thoughts on what you can do to keep your business on everyone’s mind during this period to strengthen your brand and be remembered as one that provided hope, help and positivity.

  1. Don’t vanish

This is the time to be most visible. If your customers can’t buy from you, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t your customers anymore. Their ears will become tired of hearing about Covid-19 whenever they are watching TV, scrolling through social media or listening to the radio. “To be honest I’m getting tired of it, and I want some relief from all of this”.

And that is what your customers will be expecting from you, to welcome a sense of relief in the form of a change of topic or something light-hearted but mindful.

  1. Change is good

We all know that it will not be ‘business as usual’, so why pretend and try. You need to be authentic and real; it doesn’t mean that businesses should have all the answers, but your customers want to know if you are willing to help.

If you install security systems for the private sector and/or households, why not give them tips on how to make there property more secure. The chances are that they can use your services after the lockdown. (So, in a nutshell, help your potential or current customers and you might get business from doing so.)

  1. Think about what you are selling

It won’t help companies to sell the same way now as they did a week ago, you will get minimum engagement, if any. Re-plan your marketing strategy. Get your digital agency to help you.

If you still can sell your products or provide services, then you need to do so. But just be mindful of the current situation that everyone is in, so don’t persuade people to buy things that are unnecessary during this time.

So be mindful of the words you use when posting posts, ads or cold calling.

  1. Availability is required

We will all be having questions of things we are unsure of. It is good to monitor your social media and other digital channels to answer any questions.

  1. Keep in contact using different technology

Use the technology that is provided for us to adapt on how you can deliver your service or product. We are seeing teachers using this to their advantage to be able to teach their students, or business network meetings such as BNI, which are still having meetings using online platforms.

You can still have you client meeting, brainstorming with your team or even gym sessions, and there is a variety of platforms available such as Microsoft teams, Zoom and Facebook groups. Keep those relationships going and you’ll be sure to have a potential client for the future.

In conclusion, we do not know what is going to happen during these times, but we would like to be there for you and shine a bit of light on whether you should keep marketing or not.

As professionals, we have seen an increased number of social users already. So, we do advise, that you should still be marketing your business online, because when we all get back to our normal lives, you will still have a strong brand awareness online, and that might just be all that your business needs to jump back on its feet to remain successful.

With this said, keep strong, be positive and keep marketing. All the best for you and you company.