In today’s world we are surrounded by internet and online business. Nowadays businesses don’t just flourish anymore because you drive to another city to present yourself. It’s about having an online presence, everyone is searching something on the internet, and they might just come cross your business. A landing page is a single web page, where someone lands when they find your business on a search engine. It’s your digital business card and profile in one. Look at it as your salesperson, waiting to help sell your products or services.

What is a landing page, exactly?

By dictionarial definition, a landing page is a section of a website that users “land” on by clicking through a hyperlink on a different page. In retrospect, it’s a single page on a website or it can be stand alone; meaning that it needs its own domain that has been registered for a specific purpose, for example: a product overview, a sales pitch or offering your unique services. Landing pages are meant to engage a visitor in a unique way, where it leads them to complete a call to action, giving you a new lead or sale.

Some interesting points on Landing pages:

  • They simplify decisions for your targeted audience;
  • They increase your chances of generating leads; and
  • They make the quality of leads and sources easier to track.

Why should you consider a landing page?

Most of the time when people go online, they are looking for something specific and it could be anything- It could be a product, service, source of information or just entertaining distractions. Consumer choices keep increasing, making it easy to get overwhelmed. For example, take my experience, I was looking for a Cos Play hoodie and there were so many options; but thanks to landing pages it was easier to find what I was looking for, now I can dress up as my favourite super hero.

For a business to attract more visitors, you usually have to customize your offers in order to meet unique needs for your target audience – that’s precisely where a landing page comes in. It displays a unified and simple message. It is one simple page that has one specific purpose and meaningful call to actions.

An effective landing page escapes itself from all distractions and demands that visitors focus on the specific solution offered. It only provides the information of particular products or services that a potential customer is looking for with enticing content to help the sale, who won’t want to seal the deal?

Well overall, a landing page means visitors –  visitors means potential clients and that only means that you make some serious return on investment. Don’t hesitate, ask us for more information on a landing page for your business.